DrEdGE: Differential Expression Gene Explorer

DrEdGE is a Web-based tool to visualize RNAseq data. It was developed by and . The code was written by Patrick Golden from 2015-2019. All source code is available on GitHub under the AGPL license.

Demo - Exploring a DrEdGE website

Initial development of the project resulted in visualizations of three different RNAseq datasets:

If you have deployed DrEdGE on your own, please email Sophia or Patrick to list your DrEdGE deployment on this site.

Visualize your own data

Latest release: dredge-7.3.11.zip

DrEdGE is designed to work in a Web browser using exclusively static files. All of the files required to configure and run your own DrEdGE page can be found in the zip archive above. Extract it somewhere on your computer, open the index.html file inside, and follow the instructions to set up DrEdGE with your own RNASeq dataset.